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Blood Typing The Japanese Zodiac SMOSH

If you’re Japanese, the answer, at least rht now, is yes.

Do you know your blood type maybe you should! ^^? - Asakusa.

The importance of blood type is so ingrained in Japanese culture that potential employers regularly ask about it during job interviews.

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I Want Your Blood.- Notes of Nomads

There’s also the Nintendo DS game that asks players their blood type to help them rediscover themselves, the Japanese department stores that sell “lucky bags” of women’s accessories that are tailored to blood types, and a new dating show that lets women pick men based on whether they’re an A negative or B positive.

What does your blood type say about you in Japan? tsunagu Japan

Perhaps the bgest measure of the country’s obsession is in its books: Japan’s largest book distributor has reported that four out of the top ten books sold last year were on the ways a blood type determines a person’s personality.

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