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Legend of Korra" is Getting Ridiculous Bitch Media

Bolin Bolin was the first person they met when they left the spirit world. We just felt like we needed a vacation.”“Yeah, I think we all did, after the whole thing with Kuvira,” Bolin said, running a hand through his hair.

The Legend of Korra" creators confirm

Both had wanted to stay longer, but Asami pointed out that people would be missing them. “Wow, it’s so good to see you—Tenzin said not to worry, but nobody knew where you were! His eyes drifted down, and he noticed for the first time Korra and Asami’s linked hands.

Legend of <i>Korra</i>

Four Times Korra and Asami had to Explain their Relationship and.

Korra had been all for letting them miss them a little longer, but Asami didn’t want to worry anyone, so their trip was cut short. He spotted them before they saw him, and came running their way.“Korra!

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”“Well,” Asami said, “I think it’s been coming a long time, but it wasn’t really official until we talked about it rht before we left for the spirit world.” She gave Korra a smile, and Korra smiled back.“Wow!

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