Online dating sites don't match hype

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Online Dating Sites

A couple of scientific studies come to slhtly more critical conclusions, one saying that a third of pictures could be considered misleading, while the other concluding that misinformation was ubiquitous but in a very mild way: an inch added to the heht, or a pound taken off the weht.

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Anything more obvious than this would of course cause problems when the eventual meetup occurs -- it's easy to overlook someone being an inch shorter than advertised, but nht on impossible to successfully hide a five stone weht gain without repercussions.

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The study concludes that these small lies were not merely self-deceptions, but deliberate.

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A recent paper from the Association of Psychological Science was pretty clear that there's little evidence for any matching algorithm's scientific merit ("no compelling evidence supports matching sites" claims that mathematical algorithms work"), but the OKCupid users I spoke to generally seemed to believe there was something in it -- even if it was just filtering out their polar opposites.

Online dating sites don't match hype:

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