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RefrerDATEr Can You Find Love Based on the Contents of

A genius for our time — a guru who comprehends who we are and what we want and how we love — looks to people’s refrerators to determine whether they will make a compatible romantic pair.

Will his FRIDGE lead to true love? Dating guru

As reported cleanliness; which is all perfectly logical, because the items in your fridge are what you buy, eat, and store. Gotta get hooked up with a grainy-loving honey, rht?

Will his <i>FRIDGE</i> lead to true love? <i>Dating</i> guru

Check their Fridge

Do you know when your refrerator was manufactured? Below you can discover the year of manufacture of some refrerator brands produced for the American consumer market.

Romance Awaits In Your Kitchen With

To discover the year, you must choose a brand from the pop-up list and enter the model and serial numbers of your refrerator.

Fridge dating:

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