Dating nice guy no spark

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Ask Dave - New Guy, No Chemistry Again! - - Find.

Have you ever felt frustrated that you seem to get hopelessly “head over heels” for unavailable men, yet find yourself hopelessly impervious to the advances of nice guys who are genuinely available and ready for a serious relationship?

Stop Looking for That Elusive Spark Getting to TRUE Love

Would you like to change this pattern so you can finally start enjoying a great relationship and quit wasting time with men who play hot-and-cold with your emotions?

Ask Dave - New <i>Guy</i>, No Chemistry Again! - - Find.

There's No Passion. Should I MOA? - Dear Wendy

Keep reading to see how the science of psychology can come to your rescue!

Not Attracted to Great Guy, No Sexual Chemistry Glamour

In a classic study of social psychology, Dutton and Aron conducted an intruing study in which a female experimenter stood at the end of two different bridges, and asked random men who crossed the bridge to tell a short story as part of a psychology experiment.

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