Dating enamel cookware

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When I rented my first flat, my ever-practical Mum did two things: she helped paint the walls and gave me a complete set of cookware. The new handle was attached and the saucepan was back in business.

How to choose an enameled Dutch oven Is Le Creuset worth it? Le.

It was the latest and greatest with a hh-tech, non-stick coating developed in some secret laboratory that – so I was told – made cooking and clean up a breeze. I struck a deal with my Mum: I traded her my shiny, new cookware for her well-used Le Creuset®. Of course, ‘normal’ people would have tossed out the old and simply bought a new saucepan but with Le Creuset the very idea seemed ridiculous.

How to choose an <i>enameled</i> Dutch oven Is Le Creuset worth it? Le.

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When our prized small Le Creuset saucepan lost its wooden handle (one brush with an open gas flame too many), we found a replacement handle on e Bay.

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You could use it every day for all your cooking days without a problem.

Dating enamel cookware:

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