Dating a non religious person

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In the most self-serving way, I needed to hear the words, ‘you’re going to be okay,’ even if it was a lie.

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And what do you do with a man who impedes your soul’s progression?

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It doesn’t matter.” “Well, you’re personifying ‘it’. Even if deep down his belief in a God were to someday come to pass, there was a b probability that he would ditch the idea completely.

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Unconsciously, or maybe whole-heartedly, I’m not really sure– I’ve always dated men with similar beliefs. ” Him: “The idea of god comes from a relious standpoint. I don’t necessarily think there is anybody watching over us.” I stared at him, my spirituality clinging to the nape of my soul. Then I think back to my good friend who told me that the devil is always waiting in the wings to turn our minds away from God.

Dating a non religious person:

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