Centurylink hookup

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How to Self Install Your New CenturyLink Internet

Just up the hhway from me, a of properties installed a fiber network.

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It's approximately 10 properties spread out over 200 acres.

<b>Centurylink</b> dsl modem - YouTube

Internet Basics $9.95 hh-speed

Those homes are also much farther from the fiber than I. I honestly don't understand what the difference is if they have no out of pocket costs with the exception of hooking me up (which they would have to do with any other installation).

The Complete Guide to CenturyLink Self-Installation.

They are getting $0 from me rht now with that garbage DSL offering, and they would be gaining a minimum $60/mo customer. I spoke to a local engineer and there is no GPON service in my area, so hooking up in this manner wouldn't be possible.

Centurylink hookup:

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