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In Stillwater, a team of Oklahoma State University scientists and students help push humanity's knowledge of reality forward.

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Joseph Haley, Outstanding Instructor Daniel Stevens Scholarship (New Awards): Zackary Alegria, Mickie Eikenberry, Kazsa Fahrenthold, Leland Palmer, Jessica Shipman Daniel Stevens Scholarship (Continuing): Charith De Silva, Kylie Hagerdon, Cameron Racz Earl Lafon Scholarship: Tristen Lee Elton Kohnke Scholarship: Charith De Silva, Kylie Hagerdon Graduating Students - Bachelors: Fadhil Ali Alsaanee, Erikk Burton, Katherine Dzurilla, Nicholas Lucido, David Mayes, Nathanial Mc Gee, Daniel Oliver, Sidney Ricketts, Mandy Sheridan, Stephen Strecker, Goupu Touthang, and Faithful Williams Graduating Students - Masters: Kai Remy Graduating Students - Doctorate: Shuo Dai, Wakun Lam, and Jiating Ni February 10th, 2017 Research at CERN has led to some of the largest and most snificant discoveries in particle physics in human history, expanding mankind's understanding of space and time.

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Kazsa Fahrenthold, SPS Outstanding Member of the Year Dr.

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As interactions begin to take place at hher and hher energy levels, however, the Standard Model begins to no longer fit, so a new theory is needed. Along with Flera Rizatdinova and Alexander Khanov, Haley leads a small team of assistants and scientists searching for new particles created in the collisions produced at CERN by the LHC facility.

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