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Our scanners have just picked up the store pages for the latest iteration in Konami's long-running PES series, and while it's certainly not a surprise to see that Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is releasing later this year, there are some small bits of information in the store listings that mht excite fans of the franchise.

Guardiola Champions League date with Barcelona will be special.

Most of the pre-order pages that we picked up only have placeholder information for a description, but one page does give us a glimpse at some of the new features we can expect from the game.

PES 2018 Prices, Release Date and <b>Barcelona</b> Edition

PES 2018 Prices, Release Date and Barcelona Edition

Unfortunately, we don't get to see anything of the revamped game menus (something that has needed addressing for a number of years), but we do get to see screenshots of FC Barcelona's Camp Nou and Borussia Dortmund's Westfalenstadion.

La Terrrazza Barcelona – Atmospherical Fun Club

Both were licensed in PES 2017 so these images mht not be a reflection of this year's game.

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