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AMOUR / LOVE - Michelle Henry

I need someone who’s down to visit a range of flowers and who is willing to help out around the hive.

Dating a Scorpio Man Ultimate Guide!

I’m pretty colony-oriented (I’ll do anything for them) and consider myself a provider — looking for someone who is down with that. Hometown: Within 1000 ft of Wild Lupine About: Spring generation, single male. Been known to taste test 41 different flowers in one day.

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Things Scorpios Love! — Part 2

Don’t let the silvery streaks fool you, I’m fresh out of the caterpillar stage. Life is short, let’s spend the 3–5 days of it together. Hometown: Wherever all the other bugs be at, stanky places About: Don’t just go for a pollinator with the good looks, I know a good time. ISO a beetle, moth or butterfly to attach my eggs to (larvae will work fine too).

One Of Steam’s Top Selling Games Is A Dad Dating Simulator

When I’m not listening to Bee-yonce, I’m playing rugbee.

2 scorpios dating:

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