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Sturmey-Archer AW

More details here 1988 Honda City Express, Mo T April 2018, Red, no rust, no rips in the seat, Very good all round, only 9,000 miles. Richard Woodbridge or , Swindon FOR SALE: Cyclemaster Petrol Tank. This 1953 ‘clip on’ 49cc Power Pak Synchromatic has a full known history: one owner from new until 1989 when it was acquired by myself, both of us being enthusiasts for cyclemotoring. 1991 Jawa Economy, single speed, automatic, pedal start.

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Needs repaint, inside needs cleaning but does not leak. It is now fitted to a Raleh 20 cycle for easy cycling … If interested, please contact Owen at or (evenings best); I can send more photos for you to see. Mo T expired last November but if I get time will get a new Mo T. 1991 Jawa Jazz, 2 speed automatic, kick start, Mo T’d to October 2017.

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Following storage loss, it has been laying in back of car for 3 months, so starts and and runs but does not rev and dies when choke is off so could do with carb clean and new fuel. Needs attention to carb as doesn’t run over half throttle.

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Front mudguard cracked, looks like its photo in a nice shade of mauve—£300 GU2 7XH .

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