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The younger branches of the dynasty quickly expanded and their political influence extended across Europe.

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The brothers of Hugues "Capet" King of France were installed as dukes of Burgundy from 956 to 1002, and Robert younger son of Robert II King of France established the main line of dukes which ruled Burgundy from 1032 until 1361 (see the document BURGUNDY DUCHY, DUKES), as well as the kings of Portugal from [1095] until the revolution in 1910 (see PORTUGAL KINGS).

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Couple 'libéré' cherche compagne

Hugues, younger son of Henri I King of France, married the heiress of the counties of Vermandois, Valois and Crpy, which his descendants continued to rule until 1213 when they reverted to the French crown (see NORTHERN FRANCE NOBILITY).

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Robert, son of Louis VI King of France, was installed as Seneur de Dreux in 1152 and his descendants in the male line ruled as Coes de Dreux et de Braine from 1184 until [1355], the two counties being sold to the French crown in 1377 (see PARIS REGION NOBILITY).

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