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The FDA permits “reasonable variation,” meaning manufacturers are given a little leeway, so long as the any medication marketed in the United States contain between 90 percent to 110 percent of the amount of the active ingredient claimed on the label.“Just having the slht variation of 90 to 110 percent, well, it would be very difficult, from a manufacturing standpoint, to hone it down even more than that,” Dr.

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Lee Cantrell, of the California Poison Control System and UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, told .

Pharmacy Law Book with Rules and Regulations - California State.

Pharmacy Law Book with Rules and Regulations - California State.

The legal code adopted by the FDA also notes that manufacturers must account for storage conditions (and reconstitution conditions for certain drugs) in the expiration date.

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As a result of FDA rules, then, you will find a date, usually following the letters ‘EXP,’ either printed on the label or stamped onto the bottle or carton of drugs you buy, and in other cases, crimped into the tube of certain ointments you purchase.

Pharmacist dating tech:

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