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Ii) After Courage is maxed, go to drink coffee Study at late nht, continue until your Charm is maxed iii) When both Charm and Courage are maxed, go to do Tower Social Link at nht and then study at the late nht, until Tower is maxed.

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Iv) When Tower is maxed, just study at nht until Academic is maxed.4.

Top 5 Waifus in <strong>Persona</strong> Hardcore Gamer

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Spend after-school time in the following orders: i) After you're off the school, talk to the student at the front of the classroom to open up a map. ii) Afterwards, if you're tired/sick, go to see the school doctor and drink his medicine to increase Courage until your Courage is maxed.

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That potion will not heal you, but afterwards you can try visiting bathroom.

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