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I mean the stat raise should be bger for the more expensive tuna, rht? I had my suspicions about differences, but I had no idea that there were SUCH a great difference involved! If you're tired on either Friday or Sunday, you may just stick to coffee only.

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So to do well in exams do you have to have hh in your academics? I'm pretty sure I'm still on slacker for academics and its around 3rd june ;_; AND YET I DID WELL IN JUNE! However, you'll still be able to see those restaurant because some social link events take place there.2.

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I suppose that each of the places you can go to it costs different amounts of money so the more you pay at a place the more likely you are to get more points... Well, as long as you are playing Persona 3, and not FES, here's a guide on how best to raise your academic, charm, and courage, in order to meet all the events. Skip all the day-time restaurant, we'll use the day time for all social events.

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i studied everyday because yukari was studying so I didn't really have anything else to do and I was still only on Average academics but I still did well!!

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