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‪, a six-and-a-half hour long audio guide that guarantees a "new lease on love." (The series is the jewel of Katz's San Fernando Valley-based online dating empire, which includes multiple books, podcasts, and video tutorials).

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While I've never been Katz's client, in the last three years I've reliously devoured his blog posts in order to appeal to the heart and mind of the Los Angeles online dating man.‬‪Judging from my full inbox, I have indeed been doing it rht.

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In fact, if you've ever run into me at a party in the last three years, you may have caught one of my enthusiastic how-to lectures on profile writing or how I developed my three-pronged screening process.

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Picking up where Bridget Jones' reviled "smug-marrieds" left off, I became a member of an equally suspect species: the smug online dater.‬‪But even star players strike out.

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