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Will I look like gantor walking down the street with her? No matter how hot that little cutie is on the dance floor, if she’s too little I’m not going anywhere near her.

Lesbians and Heht The Last Prejudice Card Carrying Lesbian.

The sad thing is that I know this cuts out an entire world of amazing women. I think it’s really more of a weht issue than a heht issue. But I have to admit that too short & too tall can be a little awkward at times.

<em>Lesbians</em> and Heht The Last Prejudice Card Carrying <em>Lesbian</em>.

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I’m not saying I’m 100% against dating someone who doesn’t fit into my ideal heht requirement. But its been my experience that the short ones tend to be extra bossy. What I’m left wondering after writing this is, Because I know a lot of butch women who love to date girls shorter then them. The last thing a hh maintenance femme wants to feel is fat. In my universe, this tall means between 5 ft 6” and 5 ft 9”. For example, when your trying to dance and she has her head firmly wedged in your cleavage.

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It’s pretty hard to weh less than someone 6 inches shorter than you. I tend to spend the duration of the song hoping she wont suffocate.

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