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The sea-god is believed to have acceded his to wish and created a region Shurparaka, which translates literally to winnowing fan. The legend further tells us that having created Goa, Parashurama brought Brahmins from the North and settled them in this land.(See: Shree Scanda Puran (Sayadri Khandha) -Ed. Thus the geologists concluded that Goa has risen up from seabed as a result of violent tectonic movements.

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At the decline of the intensity of pluviation in the last Pleistocenic age around 10.000 BC, the bottom of Deccan plateau was lifted up and out of sea-waters by the tectonic movements, formed the West-coast of India, Goa being a part thereof. Exploration of several Mesolithic sites of the Mandovi-Zuari basin, at other sites such as Keri, Thane, Anjuna, Mauxim, Kazur in Quepem, Virdi, has led to the discovery of several scrapers, points, bores, cones, et cetera. These discoveries have demonstrated that the region had been supporting a population of hunter-gatherers well before the advent of agriculture.

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Until 1993 the existence of humans in Goa during the Paleolithic and Mesolithic period was hy debated. Evidence of Palaeolithic cave existence can be seen at Dabolim, Adkon, Shaon, Fatorpa, Arli, Maulinguinim, Diwar, Sanguem, Pilerne, Aquem-Margaon et cetera.

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Goa is a small state on the western coast of India.

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