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Dates set up by Oala end the same: with the man paying the woman for her time. You'd be forgiven to think the dating service sounds too similar to an escort service, but Oala CEO and co-founder Pia Poppenreiter says the monetary exchange is actually all about creating a connection and getting men and women to meet in person as quickly as possible.

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Related: 1 Billion Matches Later, Tinder Can Trace Its To-The-Moon Growth to Sning Up Sorority Girls “People have become overwhelmed by the time and difficulty it takes to get an actual date online,” Poppenreiter says.

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“Tired of the friction caused by superficial platforms that claim to offer an avenue for instant connections, we’ve focused Oala on creating true instantdates, making offline encounters happen quickly.”Oala currently only allows women to collect.

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Men still have to do most of the work, as they’re responsible for listing the details of a proposed date, what they’re looking for and the amount they're willing to pay per hour.

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