Dating my ex part 2 fun with fan fiction

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‘s Swan Queen shippers are more diverse and enormous and powerful than any fandom I’ve ever encountered in my entire internet life, and I grew up in the heyday of Harry Potter fandom.

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In fact, Swan Queen fandom is so sprawling and so talented that I’ve been pretty terrified to cover it in Fan Fiction Friday for fear of leaving out something important. In most fandoms, there’s a of a dozen or so stories that make up the core of the femslash canon, but when it comes to Swan Queen, the limit does not exist.

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So let me thank Adriana, Stephanie, Jenn, Amber, Isabella, Jessica, Emily, Catherine, and Race for showing me the way. If I had a Time-Turner, this list would be 1,000 stories long!

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When Regina opened her eyes, it took a moment to adjust to her surroundings.

Dating my ex part 2 fun with fan fiction:

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