Dating my ex part 2 fun with fan fiction

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Again though, she just wasn’t in the mood to stall and worry. It was Emma’s fate to come to Storybrook and break the curse. “I mean, he was probably just saying that, but still! He’s frowning in the kind of thoughtful way that only a child his age can pull off.

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Instead, Regina pushed the door open slowly, her eyes immediately gaining moisture at the sht of her sleeping son, tucked under the covers. He looks hopeful, excited and a little pensive all at the same time.

<strong>Fan</strong> <strong>Fiction</strong> Friday My 10 All-Time Favorite Femslash Stories.

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She covered her mouth as she slowly approached the bed, sitting carefully and pulling back the covers to see his face. His dark brow is furrowed and she can almost see the wheels moving inside his head, each turning rapidly to connect with the next in order to bring together whatever his plan is. ” Emma asks almost lazily as she casually leans across the counter towards him.

Fan Fiction Friday My 10 All-Time Favorite Femslash Stories.

For a few moments she just sat, watching her son with tears in her eyes. If the spell had worked like it should, there would be no Emma Swan. She hides a yawn behind the back of her hand, remembering for a brief moment years of not having to wake up so damned early in the morning because the majority of her job had taken place in the nht hours.

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