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It was not until after autism was discovered that the developmental disorder gradually emerged as a recognized neurological condition.

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CDD is a disorder that manifests in children ages 2 through 4, who begin to demonstrate severe loss of previously gained communications, language and social ss after years of normal development, says the Childhood Study Center at Yale University.

Manual For The Current <strong>Relationship</strong> Interview And Scoring System

Manual For The Current Relationship Interview And Scoring System

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, CDD is rare, and affects less than two in 100,000 children, many of whom were previously diagnosed with autism.

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The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), considers CDD a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), along with the following conditions: The DSM-IV categorizes these conditions together because they are neurological disorders that affect a child's development of normal language, communication and social ss.

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