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I often think of this while poring over the menu in the brhtly lit, many-mirrored dining area of Taste of India, longing for so many more hands, more mouths to enjoy all of their savory vindaloo and biryani and tandoori dishes served with buttery naan—the flavors of eternal summer.

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Their vegetarian menu alone is the most generous in the city.

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On Fridays, they have dancers—their hands, their mouths awash with lht. Info: 647-1589 During a recent sojourn to Kulshan Brewery—after consuming my weht in Str EAT burgers and reuben dogs over the past few years—I finally mustered up the gumption to give the gyro pita a try. ” queried my lunch date as she witnessed me annihilate the entire tzatziki-drizzled roasted lamb and beef concoction before she even got started on her chicken artichoke sandwich. ” “Mmm,” I said, wiping my beard with my shirt cuff as I scooped up another mouthful of golden crisp fries.

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Although it’s heartening to see how quickly our go-to splash zone was rendered family-friendly again, you have to wonder just what the hell is going wrong in our society that so many doofuses feel entitled to turn our publicly owned natural treasures into a medium for their own insipid close-mindedness.

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