Being bipolar and dating

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Bipolar Dating & Marriage -- Romantic Relationships

Always be sure to console her, make her feel loved... Usually, it starts with her telling me she loves me so much it mht be unhealthy. she may hate you one minute and love you like no to the next.

Love Rollercoaster What It's Like to Date

She mht say things that hurt you to push you away, and things you love to hear to bring you back.

What you should know before <b>dating</b> someone with

Bipolar Disorder and Dating World of

It's going to be a rollar coaster ride, but if you love her enough to stick with her, stand by your lady.

How to stay in love with a bipolar person

When you feel like she is dragging you down to the point that you are depressed, you mht want to get out of the relation ship. she needs you to stay strong so you can help her through if you are willing. you need to be warned that this relation ship is not for the faint of heart.

Being bipolar and dating:

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