Speed dating activity in class

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I used it as an informal assessment of their ability to speak French without reading it from a card.

Innovations in Education “Speed DatingActivity for Faculty.

I'd like to find even more ways to engage them in showing what they know how to say in French!


Math Review Games to Get Students Moving - Maneuvering the.

It’s that time of year when you have a room full of brht eyed and fresh faced students looking to you for support and guidance and to the rest of the with a mix of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. I was talking to a of teachers about the start of semester and how they break the ice with students.

Introductory activities that aren't speed dating – the teaching toom

To make it more fun, they had a simple costume to wear as well... The profiles included Jack Sparrow, Santa Claus, Yoda, Elvis, George W. The other person in the was the interviewer and was given a card on which I'd written some basic questions in French, such as .

Speed dating activity in class:

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