Sparkfun pro micro hookup guide

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Arduino pro micro Electronics Time

After I bought a Thrustmaster Flht Hotas Stick X for Elite Dangerous, I wanted two additional analog axes for lateral/vertical thrust.

Pro_Micro / SparkFun_Pro_Micro by sparkfun on AISLER

After some googling, I stumbled over this nice blog entry: Turning an Arduino Leonardo into a joystick and after reading it, I knew what to do :)The ATmega32U4 on that board has a USB core build into it, which makes building various USB HID devices very easy.

Developing mixer-style controllers based on arduino / teensy

VXdJcq0bQJP Arduino Pro Micro 5V/16M

You only need some basic soldering ss to perform this Instructable, no deeper electronics knowledge is assumed!

Add a Little Two Analog Axis Thumb Joystick to Your Existing.

This mod gives you a standalone analog joystick with just two axes.

Sparkfun pro micro hookup guide:

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