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In ancient times the surviving monuments of Persian art are notable for a tradition concentrating on the human fure (mostly male, and often royal) and animals.

Khastegari The Persian-Jewish version of meet the parents.

Persian art continued to place larger emphasis on fures than Islamic art from other areas, though for relious reasons now generally avoiding large examples, especially in sculpture.

JAPS Jewish American <em>Persian</em> Women and Their Hybrid Identity in.

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The general Islamic style of dense decoration, geometriy laid out, developed in Persia into a supremely elegant and harmonious style combining motifs derived from plants with Chinese motifs such as the cloud-band, and often animals that are represented at a much smaller scale than the plant elements surrounding them.

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Under the Safavid dynasty in the 16th century this style was used across a wide variety of media, and diffused from the court artists of the shah, most being mainly painters.

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