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Short Men Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them.

One of my bgest pet peeves as a matchmaker is when women tell me that they would never date anyone shorter than six feet tall, thus pre-emptively the vast majority of men, sht unseen.

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When I ask these women why they would discount all but a mere 10 to 15 per cent of the human male population, they usually answer they’re “not attracted to guys shorter than six feet.” I follow up by asking them if they’d reject George Clooney (five-foot-10). How about turning down a date with Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on (five-foot-six).

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When pressed further, these women (of all hehts, incidentally) reveal they “like to wear heels” or want to “feel like a girl,” as if certain hehts were more inherently masculine or feminine than others.

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Jason Kunin, 47, is a hh school teacher and writer. Kunin is happily dating a wonderful woman (at five-foot-four and a half, the tallest person he’s ever dated) who he met on an online dating site.“Online dating allows you the opportunity to provide a more complete sense of who you are in a way that you mht not be able to if you were meeting, say, in a noisy bar or across a crowded restaurant,” Kunin says.

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