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Should I give up my missionary work to try to find a husband.

Over the weekend, I discovered perhaps the strangest new addition to the Christian dating cadre: Reformed

How important is it that the person you're dating. - Ask a Missionary

The site is desned exclusively for Christians who adhere to the Calvinist tradition, a theological system that focuses on human depravity, God’s soverenty, and the idea that God has already chosen the select few who will be saved.

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Their tagline is “Prepared, Prequalified, Predestined,” adding to the plethora of clichés that make the site a near-parody of itself.

Equally Yoked Dating - Christian Dating Service

For example, users’ identities must be verified by their (presumably male) pastor, who confirms that they are a church member in “good and regular standing” and “elible for marriage.” Articles include tips on virginity, courtship, and how men must establish “loving headship” over their wives.

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