Galileo speed dating

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Galileo speed dating

Just as all the parts of the earth mutually cooperate to form its whole, from which it follows that they have equal tendencies to come together in order to unite in the best possible way and adapt themselves by taking a spherical shape, why may we not believe that the sun, moon, and other world bodies are also round in shape merely by a concordant instinct and natural tendency of all their component parts?

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If at any time one of these parts were forcibly separated from the whole, is it not reasonable to believe that it would return spontaneously and by natural tendency?

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And in this manner we should conclude that straht motion is equally suitable to all world bodies.

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[Galileo, 1629] Galileos two main published works were Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems in 1629 and Discourses and Demonstrations Concerning Two New Sciences in 1638.

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