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In addition, there are some aspects of Galileos reasoning, vis a vis Kepler, that could actually be seen (with some imagination) as precursors of general relativity and its geometric view of inertial motion.

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The inspiration for Galileos law - like the inspiration for his use of the dialogue as a literary device for presenting his arguments - seems to have come from Plato.

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Early in the First Day of the Dialogues, Galileo attributes to Plato the idea that these world bodies, after their creation and the establishment of the whole, were for a certain time set in straht motion by their Maker.

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Just as all the parts of the earth mutually cooperate to form its whole, from which it follows that they have equal tendencies to come together in order to unite in the best possible way and adapt themselves by taking a spherical shape, why may we not believe that the sun, moon, and other world bodies are also round in shape merely by a concordant instinct and natural tendency of all their component parts?

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