Galileo speed dating

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The first of these was fully ten years after Kepler published his third law of planetary motion, and twenty years after the publication of Keplers first and second laws, yet Galileo seemed oblivious to those developments despite the fact that he was very familiar with Keplers works and had hh regard for him (referring to him as a person of independent genius).

Galileo speed dating

Einstein described Galileos failure to take account of Keplers laws as a grotesque illustration of the fact that creative individuals are often not receptive.

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Of course, Einstein himself exhibited this same quality, so he knew it when he saw it.

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(Following an embarrassing attempt to desn a better aerodynamic wing during the first world war, disregarding all the literature on the subject, Einstein explained sheepisy that it was an example of what can happen to a man who thinks a lot but reads little.) As Einstein noted, almost all of Galileos arguments in favor of the Copernican system were qualitative, as opposed to Keplers more quantitative work.

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