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Looking for Love? Try These 6 Totally Free Online Dating Websites.

Another pretty good site is (for those canadians, New Zealanders or Aussies) i think there mht be an American version at Tooldz Ira Thanks everyone for letting us all know about the other sites.

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Even if those sites aren't as good as Plentyof Fish, I wanna try them just in case. I joined Plentyof Fish like in August I think, and I keep coming back like every few weeks to see if anyone new in my area has joined.

Looking for Love? Try These 6 Totally <i>Free</i> Online <i>Dating</i> Websites.

Plenty Of Fish POF Hookup Websites - AskMen5 Free Dating Sites.

I'm from Niles, Michan near South Bend, Indiana on the Michan/Indiana border and it's hard for me to find someone around my age in my area. Haven't seen anyone new since, and it's December now.

Are there any other free dating websites like plenty of fish key.

I never knew that getting to know new people could be so expensive Forget you, Lavalife Does anyone know why my post was deleted in another thread?

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