Dating with breast cancer

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” We stayed together, but he never once visited me in the hospital or kept me company during my treatments. As I got to know him, I realized he wasn’t the man I thought he was. One weekend, Keith made reservations at our favorite restaurant on a Friday nht. My doctor asked me once how I dealt with dating since I was such a young cancer patient. You just know who to trust and when the time is rht to tell someone.

For Survivors of Cancer, Finding Love Involves an Extra Hurdle

I knew he didn’t love me, but I was scared to leave him because I was afraid no one else would ever want me. I assumed he would listen to the contemporary Christian station; it wasn’t even a preset on his car radio. He talked to the little old ladies at church and he hung out with the guys from the shop. On our first nht it was dark, it was romantic, and I was terribly nervous. We decided to dress up a little, and have a nht out on the town. After dinner, Keith wanted to take a romantic walk around the lagoon by the university. We drove to the lagoon, only to find that a sky-hh chain-link fence surrounded it. The lagoon was being dredged, and a fishy smell filled the air. When I was single I didn’t know how long I had to wait before I found the rht person.

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My surgeries had left me scarred on the outside and extremely vulnerable on the inside. I discovered his absolute favorite band was Def Leppard and he listened to bands I had never heard of, like Queensryche and Shaw-Blades. He was completely different than I thought he would be and I quickly fell in love. He hugged me on the first date, kissed me on the cheek for the second, and didn’t go for the lips until the third date. Those four years between my mastectomy and the beginning of my romance with Keith were extremely long years.

Finding Love After Breast Cancer Chicken Soup for the Soul

After two years, we finally gave up on our relationship. One friend told him to his face what a horrible person he was. Plus, we were both in our thirties and still single. He was always singing along to the radio and getting me to sing along, too.

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