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But Sarlak’s interest in mechanical engineering and technology management didn’t stop him from pursuing another interest, his fascination with people.

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“I've always been fascinated with people, their dating strategies, and how they go about finding, meeting, and ultimately pair bonding with others.

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As a child I was intrued with the idea of whom I would settle down with and how it would come to pass that I would meet ‘her.’ “In my early 20's, I was at a grocery store when I saw an attractive girl walk by who very much caught my eye.

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I wanted to approach her, but I was reluctant- and thought, ‘what if she's taken? ’ I thought about how great it would be if people came with romance status thought bubbles; if you could tell whether someone is single and looking for you,” Sarlak explained to the The idea for Cupid Radar largely developed from this idea.

Dating sites to meet engineers:

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