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Young adults, ages 18 to 24, traditionally haven’t been b online daters.

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They haven’t had much of a need because they are typiy surrounded by other young, single people, whether at work or school, said Aaron Smith, associate research director with the Pew Research Center.

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Tinder and rivals such as Hinge are changing the dynamics, and young adults are using online dating in greater numbers than any other age these days. population is surveyed, including people who are already coupled.

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In 2013, only 10 percent in that age used online dating. adults overall have used dating sites or apps, a slht increase from 11 percent in 2013. For people who have never been married, 30 percent have used online dating.) Stanford University professor Michael Rosenfeld wrote in a 2012 paper that the Internet could be helpful for people in “thin” dating , ones with relatively fewer options for possible partners in their regular life.

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