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In December 2007 while on a trip to Cancun for Christmas she basiy laid on her back and had sex with me once. I had sex more than 3 times a year when I was single and wasn't even committed to someone.

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When we returned home she wrote an email to her sister which her sister later shared with me that implied she did not enjoy being sexual with me anymore. I would have said, "We have to fix this..." and if no effort on her part, I would have filed. lolllll Unfortunately it sounds as if you've exhausted the normal processes one would follow to address the issue without results.

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Married for 7 or intimacy in the last 4 years.

The last 4 years this lack of intimacy in our marriage has led to many arguments and times of little to no talking between us. Maybe you should try telling her to f*ck off and find another meal ticket, and you go find a woman who likes you enough to have sex with you. I do not understand women who do this 'bait and switch' routine. Your resentment will continue to grow and that's understandable, but it will the marriage sooner or later as well as have a negative impact on your kids. You know, there's typiy a reason why a woman becomes less sexual with her husband. Then, ask yourself very HONESTLY, have YOU really been doing all that could be done?

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Ive become withdrawn focused a lot more on our business and spend a lot of time on the kids extracurricular activities. When we do talk about it she shruggs it off and says theres nothing I can say she hasnt heard before. She blames or makes excuses and provides a million reasons why she hasnt prioritized sex in our marriage or why it doesnt happen. Well, maybe be sensitive and caring, give her gifts on special occasions. There are plenty of women out there that would be thrilled to have a man who would do any of the above things that you have tried to do to fix your marriage. Play the D card and if she isn't willing to work on meeting your needs by increasing intimacy begin the process. If you truly want to save your marriage, then you need to discover that reason. And, never get a 'friend with benefits' on the side.

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