Dating seven years not married

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My Fiance of 7 Years Won’t Marry Me! Should I Stay Or Should I.

We're both very responsible and do our part and contribute equally. Yet shes constantly surveying me to make sure Im not developing interest elsewhere. i find myself being resentful beyond what i feel is repairable now and ive begun losing my cool in arguments with her.

Dating for 7 years in June, no ring - Community.

I've lost some respect for her and feel I'd be happier single than married and feeling like im not wanted by my wife.

<i>Dating</i> for 7 <i>years</i> in June, no ring - Community.

Dating for 10 years and still not married The Pitt Maverick

We've even gone to stores where I picked out rings I liked.

Couple Together For 7 Years Find Out Shocking - Fox News

My wife during our dating phase which lasted several years was great. I can re on several occasions in fact being too tired or not in the mood and the following morning she almost insisted on having sex as if to get her way.

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