Dating of earth nautiljon

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He is popular with women and attracted to Kang Yi-Sol. Like maybe she'll be affected a little, but not so much as to 'ending her whole happiness'.

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Other than that I find this drama pretty interesting.

Who is your Monsta X boyfriend? - Quiz

Ric Hattan - Mac/Val

They could've made the secret behind her birth much more hideous! btw does anyone know the song that plays whenever yi sol and jae joon are together?

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In Tae-Soo's family - the only two people that get along and respect each other is Jae-Joon and Min-Joon. i heard it on ep 9 when both of them were talking in the car and i love it but couldn't find it anywhere :/ plz help me ASAP :* I love this drama!

Dating of earth nautiljon:

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