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You've got someone by your side who doesn't blink twice in situations that would test other people's relationships.

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He loves it when you tell him your GERD is flaring up. But he must deal with people literally complaining about their problems all day long for his job, so dude's a great listener.3. He knows what's important (life) and what's not (all the other things). In case of emergency, you've learned not to freak the fuck out.

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Not that it ever should be in any healthy relationship, but the hall-marks of longterm relationships (e.g., farting in front of each other, burping away) come on much faster when you're with a physician. Having literally been in life-or-death situations, he's got perspective.

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It comes after Mr Hunt suggested senior staff were not working enough weekend shifts and said top doctors should ‘get real’ about the importance of a seven-day service during a radio interview on Thursday.

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