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Those 4 dots came out great in the photo, but the truth is thatthe top dot, in the diamond, is sort of missing, by which I meanthe dots in this case seem to be little blue/green beads that were put in holes, and the top hole is there, of course, but notthe bead that was orinally in there. I looked pretty carefully, with a lens, and I did not see any fillsin this wood...sure, a couple of pits, but no fills were visible to my eyes. The draw is wide-open and a cleaner floats through.

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Still, it's clearly an orinalstem, in marvelous condition with no tooth marks. $175is one of the few available that I saw when looking for a price comparison.

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Further, thispipe has that fish-tail script "Sasieni" plus a Pat. The nomenclature is dulled by buffing, but most of it is legible &the bowl & chamber are in very good condition. In fact, I'm not sure I saw any that were listed on the sites I explored. 5 size, with an open draw &to be clear, what I would consider a hh button.

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It is quite lht considering the amount of silver it is sporting.

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