Can i hook up a us cellular phone to verizon

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(You can’t use a GSM-only phone on Verizon, for example, but you can use it on AT&T and T-Mobile.) The good news is that many phones today come with both CDMA and GSM chips inside, including some versions of the i Phone as far back as the i Phone 4. The i Phone 6 and 6s, for example, were compatible with both standards. There are two versions of each phone: carrier, it would be best to get the Verizon model, since it comes factory unlocked on day one and it will work with any of the b four carriers in the US without a problem.

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No matter where you bought your i Phone, you could bring it to another carrier as long as it was unlocked. Sprint’s i Phone 7 model is the same way, but it must be remained locked to Sprint for a minimum of 50 days.

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Lastly, the i Phone SE is similar to the i Phone 7, as there are two models.

Starting February 11, 2015, All Four Major US Carriers Will Let You.

There’s one that works with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, but there’s a different one that works with just Sprint.

Can i hook up a us cellular phone to verizon:

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