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The hills are so steep on the outskirts of Sheffield that it feels like the trams need grappling irons. ” urges the recorded voice as it announces the next stop as Waterthorpe. I’m looking for the Evolution Gym, which is buried away on an industrial estate off a featureless arterial road heading back into town. I guess this must be Jon Clark, because Jon Clark is a bodybuilder and you don’t get many road sweepers with arms thicker than most men’s thhs. Clark, a local lad, leans his brush against the wall and greets me warmly.

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He looks irritatingly healthy, slicked back hair and all.

Official Bodybuilding Rules NPC News Online

Official Bodybuilding Rules NPC News Online

Clark leads me inside, where the gym has been partitioned into small rooms, each stuffed full of equipment like it is trying to burst out of a too tht gym top.

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In the bodybuilding world, Clark is something of a legend.

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