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When war breaks out, it turns Turks into militant nationalists, Armenians into a convenient enemy, and, in the movie’s orbit, its characters into the kind of geopolitical pawns you’ve seen countless times before, only moved around with much less s in George’s and Robin Swicord’s clunky screenplay.

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It’s one thing for Michael and Ana to realistiy grow close after a nhttime clash on the street with violent Turks, another for them to be given the trite wound-dressing-leads-to-intimacy followup scene.

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Chris, meanwhile, is now off in his own intrepid-correspondent movie, following the clues that point to what the Turks have in mind; whether we’re supposed to take him as a war-movie lead or a romance-movie cuckold is never entirely clear.

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The film’s unequivocal message — that ethno-relious slaughter occurred at the hands of the Turks — is to be commended, since even Turkey still won’t what happened genocide.

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