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I got taken to the station and locked in a cell for four hours, interviewed for two hours, then put back in the cell for another couple of hours. I stayed off uni for year and worked in a computer repair shop – I only got my job because my dad happened to be friends with the guy who ran it, because every other job I would have had reveal it on the application and they would have turned me down for it. When I got back to uni I sat on the step outside halls and burst into tears.

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I was taken back to the university’s welfare office for them to tell me that I was lucky they were allowing me on campus at all, that I would have to move residences to an all male residence block and that I had 24 hours to do so. Even though I was eventually completely exonerated they don’t care about that, they treated me like a social pariah basiy. One of my lecturers walked past and asked me what was wrong, and he fought for me really hard against the university. I went to my parents house in France for a good month so I was away from everything. I didn’t hear anything between April and just after Christmas that year.

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It turned out they accidentally moved me to one that wasn’t all male and a week later they said “oh no we’ve made a mistake, you’ve got to move again”. I was allowed to go to my parent’s address in England, but I had to go back up to Scotland to attend maybe like 40-50 hearings and pre-trial dates and then the trial itself. Went in, it was supposed to start on the Thursday morning, it was delayed until the Thursday afternoon. There were loads of delays – the prosecution wanted to have me psychologiy assessed, then the defence wanted the same.

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The next day she accused me, came to my room and said she hadn’t wanted it and that I’d raped her.

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