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The Cast is as follows, Olivia (make up artist) Tracy (hairstylist) Gi (hairstylist) Alexa (make up artist, a.k.a "Glam Fairy") Gayle (Salon Owner) Christy (Gayles daughter) Anthony (Hairstylist, also owner of his own salon, "Anthony Rob") Fillipo (Anthonys intern) Frankie (Gis Boyfriend) Briella (Olivias BFF)Olivia &Tracy bump heads alot.

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Olivia minds her own business, makes herself Lead make up artist working for Gatsby &Anthony Robs. Tracy is the true definiotion of TWO-FACED she uses her manipulative ways to work for both Gayle at the Gatsby & Alexa with her company the Glam Factory.. " Girl 1: "Ummm no, you must be confusing talented Jerseylicious with that STD show Jersey Shore" Girl 2: "Well, theyre both Jersey, so arent they basiy the same thing? Its completely different, Jerseylicious is classy, the people actually HAVE lifes.." Girl 2: "Like, OMG! " Girl 1: "Lol.., well its on the Style network, Sundays at 5" Girl 2: "Great! " Girl 1: "Oh theres guys, ;) Theyre just not SLUTS!!

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Knowing that if she gets caught her job at the Gatsby would be no more because Alexa &Gayle are in a feud themselves..

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The Salon reviewer arrives and is confused by the mime (so am I buddy).

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