When does lorelai start dating luke

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Luke and Lorelai will have a confrontation re: Lorelai sleeping with Christopher, and Luke struggles with depression. Rory struggles with her separation from Logan and their long-distance relationship, as well as having to make new friends at Yale.

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Luke's diner is destroyed by Kirk driving Taylor's car into it.

The GILMORE GIRLS Rewatch Project <strong>Luke</strong> And <strong>Lorelai</strong>'s First Date

Gilmore Girls' Reunion 2015 — Luke & Lorelai Married, More.

More…[Early Spoilers – 1, 2][Spoiler][Recap][Pictures – 1, 2][Video Clips] Episode 7.02: That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee Rory is upset about Logan being away and that their trip to Asia is off.

Luke & Lorelai's Wedding Song Is An Important back For This.

Lorelai wants to cheer up Rory (and distract herself), so turns her house into an Asian-wonderland. about his break-up, and goes for dinner with him and Liz.

When does lorelai start dating luke:

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