I'm not interested in dating anyone

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Dating Tips Why You Should Date People Who Aren't Your Type.

It can be hard to turn someone down when you're not interested.

Ask A Guy Why Do I Attract the Guys I Don't Like and Not the Ones I.

The conversation is going to be awkward no matter what, and it's never fun to hurt someone's feelings.

Tips to Telling Someone, I'm Not Interested" - Dumb Little Man" />

Tips to Telling Someone, "I'm Not Interested" - Dumb Little Man

When the feeling isn't mutual, it's important to communicate that to the other person with honesty and sensitivity.

Why I'm Not Girlfriend Material, According To 6 Guys I've Dated

You'll breathe a sh of relief when the conversation is over and you're confident you gave it your best.

I'm not interested in dating anyone:

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