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Moreover, if u r staying on South Beach, it will be a nhtmare to arrive to Heart nhtclub on Saturday in downtown bcoz they close many roads and u have to wait ages for taxis to get u to downtown.

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So I ended up not going to the third club party on Sunday. All the best Ana If you dare I encourage you to continue support this place, employees and pricks who put your safety into deep questioning.

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Phoenix Gay Bars - GayCities Phoenix

The pass cost me $300, which I regretted buying coz I rarely enjoyed a minute of Sizzle. Bad experience, a gogo dancer started dancing in front of me, touched me and then try to charge me 20 dolars saying it was his job. Also let me advise you Miami Dade Police wont care too much either.

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I didn't want to pay and the gay hit me in the shoulder and yelled to me to go out. I don't want to be there againg to be ambushered for a guy and then kind of kicked. it is a really bad situation for everyone involved.

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