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Hong Kong Speed Dating -

Shark Mystique A journey deep underwater to meet over a hundred sharks and rays that shatters the myths surrounding them, including the sawfish with a saw-like rostrum, and the zebra shark with leopard-like spots!

Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong Tourism Board

Discover their beauty from 360 degrees at this exciting exhibit.

OFF <b>Ocean</b> <b>Park</b> <b>Hong</b> <b>Kong</b> HK Instant E-Tickets - Voyagin

OFF Ocean Park Hong Kong HK Instant E-Tickets - Voyagin

Polar Adventure — Explore the North and South poles in one day Polar Adventure lets you explore the North and South poles, from the exhilaration of a bobsled ride to the wonders of meeting king penguins up close.

Ocean Park to Host Hong Kong’s First-ever International Speed.

You’ll also see long-tusked Pacific walruses, spotted seals, arctic foxes, snowy owls and other extraordinary animals.

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