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Just last week, the performer — often marketed as “The Man With a Pussy” — launched Buck Angel Dating, “a safe environment for those seeking out relationships or just fun with trans men and the people who love them.” Already, the site, a partnership with the Dating Factory, has more than 2,500 members who span the full spectrum of sexual preference and gender identity.

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Member profiles are peppered with adjectives ranging from “boi” to “transfag,” “pansexual” to “Gray A.” Many users detail exactly where they are in the transition process, for example: “three years on T, no surgeries yet but will be having top surgery later this year.”He’s hardly the first to start a trans dating site, but his hope is to avoid the “fetish” feel of other sites in favor of a sense of real community, and to attract a greater global audience by attaching his name to it.

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The T-MALE Links Area - The Transitional Male

I talked to Buck — a charming, tattooed beefcake — by Skype from his home in Mexico about dating while trans, ever-changing gender terminology and why his site will be different from the rest.

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Why did you decide to start a dating site for those seeking out trans men?

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