Engineering dating jokes

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What are the most popular computer programming jokes.

But when I’m an old fart I know the wit won’t be as witty as it used to be, and I decided I need to start building an armoire of short jokes now that I can tell my kids and grandkids and great grandkids.

Only Engineers Will Understand These 10 Jokes

And she told us three or four other priceless jokes over the course of the evening.

What are the most popular computer programming <strong>jokes</strong>.

Dating an engineer joke - AWS Helderberg

So, I asked you all on my page for your Best.

Jokes Only Engineers Will Understand. - AARP Online.

Sure, some of these may be corny, some may be flat out bad, but some are funny and some may even make you laugh out loud. ”A deer hunter got on his hands and knees to take a closer at some tracks. After the hunt, the pilot returned and saw that they shot six deer. The next day the other hunter finds his friend with the help of the Forest Ranger. After the deer finished and was paying, the cashier said, “We don’t see too many deer around here.” “At these prices,” replied the buck, “I’m not surprised.”A deer hunter asked his Pastor if it was a sin to hunt on Sunday. This happened to him more times than he could count. He would sneak up close just to get busted and watch the deer run away. He would fall asleep on stand, waking in time to watch a giant buck scamper away. “Everything that happens to guys that don’t know how to hunt keeps happening to me! Two deer hunters were not having any luck so they asked for advice from an old timer.

Engineering dating jokes:

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