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When it comes to love, or more precisely the dating site(s) responsible for the number of successful e-dates that have turned into something more long term, e Harmony and have put on their boxing gloves.

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We’ve all seen the e Harmony commercials, peppered with marketing claims of “most satisfied marriages” and “most enduring marriages.” (They feature the adorable little girl and founder Dr. ) Well, for obvious reasons, has some issues with this. The National Advertising Division (NAD), an independent body that looks into advertising claims as part of the industry's self-regulation, found that the data e Harmony provided to support their assertions was not adequate."NAD was concerned that at least one reasonable—and in fact likely—message conveyed by e Harmony's '#1 most marriages' claim was that a hher total number of married couples met on e Harmony's website than met on any other dating website," the said in a statement.

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"NAD determined that e Harmony's survey evidence did not serve as a reasonable basis for that message."Also, it’s a suspicious that two former employees conducted the study used to support e Harmony’s claims.

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To the company’s credit, they have acknowledged this and will no longer refer to the study as “independent” in future marketing.

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