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I have seen such effects so often that for me, they became hy predictable. However, nice guys tend to take this too far and they make being nice and getting approval the compass of their social behavior.

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Nice guy behavior may look good on paper, but in reality it has a pretty ugly face. Glover, all nice guys operate (consciously or not) on the same basic paradm: Of course, this paradm is unrealistic and ineffective, not to mention a pile of crap. Having been both a nice guy and (mostly for research purposes) a jerk, I can tell you that in my experience, and there is a path in-between which creates much better results. Even after you realize being nice does not work, the nice guy paradm will still exist in your cognitive schemas, from where it influences your automatic thinking and disempowers you.

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In order to grasp this, consider that From there, all hell breaks loose. Robert Glover, a therapist who specializes in working with men with the nice guy syndrome, and author of the best-selling self-help book for men No More Mr. As an ex-nice guy and a coach who also works with nice guys (and girls), I came to believe that there are three essential stages in overcoming the nice guy syndrome: Step 1: Realizing and accepting the fact that being a nice guy may sound noble and some people may compliment you for it but overall, it is not a healthy or productive way of being. You’ll need to consciously change your thinking and weed it out of there. This step involves changing your behavior, developing key people ss and turning it into a less nice one.

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The nice guy syndrome has been getting increasingly more attention in the past few years in psychology, as the less than satisfying effects it creates make it start to lose its positive image.

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